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Washington Missouri, incorporated in 1839, is on the beautiful Missouri River just 50 miles west of St. Louis. Our sturdy brick buildings lend a pleasing touch of "Old-World charm" to an otherwise modern community.
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John B. Busch, Henry Busch and Fred Gersie established The Washington Brewery 1854, in 1874 Busch became sole owner and 1894 incorporated as John B. Busch Brewing Co. During prohibition Busch sold soda pop and potato chips. The brewery was closed in 1953.


Henry Tibbe, and son, Anton, began production of corn cob pipes in 1874. They are still being produced.



Franz Schwarzer, the world's most famous zither maker of the latter half of the 19th century, lived and worked in Washington.  By the time the factory closed in the 1920's, over 11,000 Schwarzer instruments had been produced.



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