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Medal of Honor Recipients:  Written by Steven F. Claggert of Washington Historical Society. The life and family history of Franklin County Missouri Medal of Honor Recipients Lorenzo Dow Immell and   George Phillips 

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A History of Washington Missouri:  Written by the area’s best known and most productive historian Ralph Gregory.  Over thirty years of research went into this hardbound 100 plus page book.  Includes numerous photographs.


The Centennial Biographical Directory of Franklin County Missouri:  The “book of lists” for Franklin County written by Herman Gottlieb Kiel in 1925 from information collected by him from the 1880s up until the time of publication.  This book has been called the “Bible” for researchers of Franklin County history.  Contents include everything from the earliest settlers, to the slaveholders of 1860, to World War I veterans.  A must have item for any local historian or genealogist.


Price’s Raid in Franklin County Missouri:  Another work of local historian Ralph Gregory, this small paperback focuses on the “raid” of the County by the Confederate forces of General Sterling Price.


Washington Missouri the Civil War Years:  Ralph Gregory concentrates on the happenings in the City of Washington during the war period.  If you are interested in local Civil War history, this one is for you.


  1878, 1898, or 1919 Franklin County Missouri land atlases:  Each has been reprinted in their original format.  Valuable resources for locating your ancestor’s homes, schools, churches, roads, cemeteries, etc.  Some pictures and written history appear in the atlases.  The 1878 atlas has been indexed, and the index is included in the purchase price of that atlas. 

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I Didn’t Know That:  The late Stanley Wilke wrote weekly historical articles for our local newspaper for a period of about ten years.  All of Wilke’s articles have been collected and appear in this book.  Meticulously indexed and a wonderful easy-to-read book.  Many of the articles are written from Wilke’s memories of growing up in Washington.


Washington Missouri to the Civil War:  Gregory is at it again in this small paperback detailing Washington from it’s beginnings up until the time of the war.


Washington Missouri the Early American Contribution:  A companion piece to the following book, this work focuses on the “old American” followers of Daniel Boone, who were mainly of southern stock from Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.  The earliest settlers, they are often overlooked by those who incorrectly believe that Washington is a strictly German town.


The German-Americans in the Washington Missouri Area:  Ralph Gregory concentrates on the large German immigrant population beginning with their arrival here and the reasons why they left their homeland.  Best if read in conjunction with the above mentioned book.


Missouri Historical Review, Franz Schwarzer Article:  An excerpt from the M.H.R. on the Schwarzer zither story.  Reprinted from the 1965 issue in paperback.  An inexpensive way to learn more about zithers and the man who helped put Washington on the map.


Early History of Washington Missouri:  1939.  Eleanor McClure wrote this book for the centennial of Washington.  Fortunately, it was written at a time when many of the early settlers were still living, making it an excellent and dependable research tool.  This book has been reprinted.


The Autobiography of Frederick Muench:  Translated from the German language by Ralph Gregory, this booklet is written by Muench, a leader in the German immigration movement of the middle 19th century.  Muench, who lived near Dutzow, gained the nickname “Far West” and eventually became a Missouri State Representative.


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