The success of the Washington Historical Society, and especially the museum, is the direct result of the generosity of society members, community members, citizens and friends across the state and country. 

Overall operating costs for the museum cover the cost of a full-time, paid director, building maintenance, utilities, display costs, newsletters and miscellaneous expenses. The Board of Trustees carefully reviews expenditures to hold costs to a minimum.  

No revenues come from any tax dollars.

On a recurring basis, we receive revenue from annual membership dues and supplement those with two annual major fundraising events–-an annual fund-raising dinner and golf tournament. The Board of Trustees has implemented other fund-raising projects which contribute small, but welcome, amounts of revenue.    

Revenue from dues and various fundraisers provides 60 to 70 percent of our annual needs. Without generous help from our members and friends, our museum doors cannot remain open.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. 


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