Firehouse Museum

first-fire-truck.jpgfirehouse.jpgThe Firehouse Museum is located at Fifth and Stafford streets. On exhibit in the museum are three fire trucks and three early Washington passenger vehicles.

1917 Model T Ford: Washington’s first motor-driven fire truck, it was built from Henry Otto’s 1914 Model T car.  He offered the car to the fire department for conversion to a fire truck. In the 1980s, it was found in a junkyard. Several fire department members restored it.

1935 Dodge:  Washington’s third fire truck is owned by the “Blazechasers.”

1918 Jeffrey:  Truck was built as a World War I Army vehicle and sold after the war as surplus.  It was purchased and converted to a fire truck by an unknown fire department.  “Firetiques” owns the truck.  It has no historic connection to Washington.

1908 Economy Motor Buggy: Now located at the main museum at Fourth and Market streets. 

1907 Ford:  Bought new by Henry Sulltrop, this car remains in the Fischer family, Mr. Sulltrop’s descendants. It is Washington’s oldest car!

1912 Maxwell Messenger:  Owned since the 1930s by the Clarence Stumpe family, the original owner is unknown. It is believed to have been a locally-owned vehicle that Clarence hauled home. We have circa 1930’s photos of it being towed by Stumpe’s tow truck.

The Firehouse Museum is located in a retired fire station owned by the City of Washington. It is not open under regular hours. Tours may be arranged by calling the main museum at 636-239-0280.