Price's Raid and Franklin County, Missouri

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From early summer through September of 1864, the citizens of Franklin County, Missouri, believed, or hoped, the Confederates would go to western Missouri or east to St. Louis. October 1, 1864, showed that to be a forlorn hope as the Confederates entered the county all along its southern border,” according to the cover text.

The Civil War came to the county with startling impact. For four days, the county was overrun with ill-dressed Confederate soldiers who felt it was their right to take whatever they desired.  Sixty persons were killed during those four days. Every horse or mule that could be found was taken and stores and homes were emptied of needed supplies and items of value. Many Franklin County men were conscripted, against their will, into the army of General Sterling Price.

This is Walt Larson's second book concerning the Civil War in Franklin County.