Remembrances of a Franklin County Farmer

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William Wilke was born in Washington, Missouri in 1879. He was a second generation German-American. When William was one year old, his family moved to an 80-acre farm southwest of Washington. Named Springdale Farm, it had been settled in the early 1830's. William acquired the family farm in 1907 after the death of his father. He married Ida Rueter in 1909. In 1927, William and Ida and their three surviving sons moved back into the city limits of Washington so the children would be closer to city schools. They returned to the farm after their youngest son was off to college. In 1935, William published this book. "The object of these writings is neither to aspire for, nor demonstrate any literary ability. It is merely to show how our family lived and what transpired in our immediate neighborhood when I was a youth," states the author in the preface.