Kohmueller Farmstead


A notice in the Washington Missourian newspaper in November 1878 stated that Mittendorf and Theerman had received from Louis Kohmueller $435 “on account of house.”

Two months later another notice ran in the newspaper stating Mittendorf and Theerman had received $419 “in full of account.” Washington history lists John H. Mittendorf as being a carpenter.

Louis Kohmueller used the clay on the property to build a three-room brick house and a brick smokehouse.

The house was completed in 1879. In 1908 a large barn was built on the property and still stands at this time.

In 1989, Washington Preservation Inc. received permission from the City of Washington to restore the house and barn. In 2012, with the decline of Washington Preservation Inc., the house and barn's preservation became the Washington Historical Society's responsibility. The house and barn are used by the society for living history demonstrations.

The farmstead is located at the corner of Grand Avenue and South Lakeshore Drive.